Affectionately nicknamed the Emerald Isle, Ireland is a country known for its lush green countryside and friendly locals. The perfect last minute cottage destination for those looking for a simple yet unforgettable holiday away, Ireland is home to some truly beautiful scenery, no matter where in the country you stay. The western part of Ireland is home to the Irish cultural capital of Galway and also the stunning Aran Islands, a group of three barren islands which is best explored on bike or by foot so that you don’t miss any of the incredible scenery. The East Coast and the Irish Midlands is where you will find the country’s capital of Dublin, famous for the Guinness Brewery and exciting nightlife. The north-west of Ireland and the Lakelands is becoming more and more popular among tourists, as areas like County Donegal and County Sligo are packed full of natural beauty. The south-west and south-east of Ireland are similarly beautiful, with the Waterford Crystal factory located in County Waterford and the picturesque Blarney Castle in County Cork.

With so much to see and such stunning natural features to discover, Ireland is a wonderful place to visit for a last minute holiday. You may not have enough time to plan your trip down to the last detail but that will make it all the more spontaneous and there is no better place to get lost than in Ireland! You may just stumble upon something incredible.

Eating out at the many local pubs and restaurants is a great way of discovering the fantastic food that is available in Ireland. However, it is also a great idea to visit a town’s weekly farmers’ market in order to take advantage of the local produce on offer. Staying in self-catered accommodation will mean that you have access to your very own kitchen and can therefore prepare some truly delicious meals for you and your family. This will not only save you a lot of money but will also allow you to learn an entirely new type of cuisine that you can then show off to your friends and family back home!