Last Minute New Year Breaks

Last Minute New Year Breaks

The New Year is a special time of new beginnings where you can say goodbye to one year and welcome in another for a fresh start. Spending it with loved ones, whether that means friends, family or that special someone, is a wonderful way of celebrating this time, and going off for a break in a different part of the UK or Ireland is a fantastic idea for if you wish to try something different. Last minute New Year breaks are exhilarating and fun as you can gather up those nearest and dearest to you and reside in a lovely self-catering cottage for a couple of days to see in another year.

These cottages may be in any part of the UK or Ireland. You could choose one by the coastline in Ireland or Devon on a sandy beach, or perhaps deep in Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire or by the mountains in Snowdonia. There are plenty in city locations as well, such as Cambridge, Glasgow or Bristol, for if you like to soak up some history and culture when on holiday and join in the New Year celebrations in a bustling atmosphere. If you prefer peace and quiet, then renting a cottage in a secluded location or in a little village may be for you, where you can see in the New Year in the comfort of your accommodation, enjoying a nice home cooked meal with loved ones, toasting to fresh beginnings.

Last minute holidays can seem daunting to those who love planning and prefer to book things months in advance. However, you and your friends and family may not have decided what to do and as the date draws closer and so booking a spontaneous and impromptu break at the New Year can be extremely exciting and thrilling. Not knowing you are going away until the last minute will add that extra spark to your holiday and whether you are going to surprise loved ones or surprise yourself by booking an unplanned holiday, you are sure to have a brilliant time welcoming in the New Year in a new place.

Last minute holidays are a lot of fun as you will not quite know what to expect as you book spontaneously and head off to a lovely part of the UK and Ireland to explore. If you are looking to gather up a group together for a self-catering break, then this type of holiday can work well as it can take ages planning for a large group to go away and this way, you need not have to plan! All you and your group needs to decide is which part of the country you are going to reside in for the duration of your holiday, and then you can just pack your bags and be off!

There are many different types of self-catering break that you can go on, from city breaks to active adventure holidays to peaceful village breaks. From staying in quaint villages such as Lavenham in Suffolk or Cartmel in the Lake District in Cumbria, to experiencing bustling seaside resorts such as Llandudno in North Wales or Scarborough in North Yorkshire, you are bound to have a thrilling time as you stumble across places you have never heard about before, discovering wonderful delights and local attractions that you may have missed when planning. The good thing about being with a big group of friends or family is that you can split up and disperse if you wish to see different things, as some of you can explore a museum or a castle in the afternoon whilst others go for a hike or a walk up a nearby mountain! Wherever you choose to go, travelling in a group is a lot of fun and is made even more exciting when booking spontaneously.

Self-catering holidays are fantastic for if you and your friends which to have home comforts but in a new setting. You can enjoy your favourite meals in privacy in the dining room of your rented cottage, and you can relax in the evenings watching a film together, or playing board games. You can spend days exploring and evenings spending quality time together, and your self-catering accommodation will soon come to feel like a second home.

Last minute self-catering group holidays can seem like a scary prospect if you like to plan ahead, but to do something out of the ordinary as well as something you will always remember, this type of break is the way to go.